ANA Crowne Plaza Toyama, Toyama, Japan

Crowne Plaza hotels, particularly in Japan, always seem to live up to a high standard and the Crowne Plaza in Toyama was no exception.

The hotal is in a superb location just south of Toyama Castle with a tram stop on the blue Loop Line right outside so it’s an easy, and cheap, commute from Toyama JR station.

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Yakitori Daikichi Marunouchi, Toyama, Japan

My time in Toyama was drawing to a close and I wanted some yakitori (aka charcoal grilled meat on a stick) for my final meal.

I found Yakitori Daikichi Marunouchi quite close by to my hotel. I’d visited the chain before in Kyoto so I knew the meal would be good.

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Nagoyameshi Nagodori, Toyama, Japan

After my less than overwhelming drink and snack at Oeuf I went across the road to Nagoyameshi Nagodori.

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Oeuf, Toyama, Japan

The review sites and the map of Japanese craft beer bars pointed me towards Oeuf so I jumped on the tram from outside my hotel and around 25 minutes later I was walking down the side street towards Oeuf.

It was getting dark as I walked up the stairs at around 5:30 and then I entered an empty bar – just me and the staff. Oh well…

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Okaman, Toyama, Japan

After a bit of a look around Toyama I was ready for lunch.

In Japan nearly all shopping centres more than a couple of stories tall will have a floor (or 2) of restaurants. There will be a floor somewhere towards the top of the building and quite possibly another in the basement. At the Marier Toyama next to Toyama Station I headed upto the 6th floor where there are a dozen or so restaurants for a quick recon.

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