Nagoyameshi Nagodori, Toyama, Japan

After my less than overwhelming drink and snack at Oeuf I went across the road to Nagoyameshi Nagodori.

Nagoyameshi Nagodori, Toyama, Japan

Nagoyameshi Nagodori is your traditional Japanese Izakaya – drink, food, smoking and, oh, no English menu.

There were a couple of diners in when I arrived around 6:25 in the evening and I was given a seat at the long counter looking into the kitchen area.

While there was no English menu my waitress was able to understand what I was looking for so I was able to order some chicken and onion yakitori, some grilled chicken wings accompanied by Asahi Super Dry.

Though I had a short visit, the food was great and I would recommend Nagoyameshi Nagodori over Oeuf any day of the week.

If you’re in Toyama then you should visit!