The Modern Izakaya, Chijmes, Singapore

Chijmes in Singapore was an old Catholic convent that has now been converted to a restaurant, bar and entertainment area across the road from Raffles City.

Walking through one evening I noticed a new Japanese restaurant (It wasn’t there in December 2015 when I last walked past) but it wasn’t open for dinner yet – it opens at 6pm. I took a mental note to come back the next day.

The Modern Izakaya, Chijmes, Singapore

Having been to Japan a month ago I was excited to re-taste the unique flavors of Japanese dishes.

I tried several different yakatori type dishes.

The Chicken Thigh skewers were very good and reminded me very much of the yakatori I’d eaten in Nagoya, Osaka & Tokyo, as did the Asparagus and Bacon skewers.

A Lamb Rack, well a single lamb cutlet, was well seasoned and tasty, but completely over priced for what was received.

The Pork Belly skewers, on the other hand, were very much underwhelming to the point of not tasting like much at all.

Happy hour here was 6pm til 8pm (I think!) so 2 glasses of Asahi were around $16.

Overall, I wasn’t impressed with this place. It didn’t seem to me to be authentic Japanese and was overpriced in my opinion.

I wouldn’t return.