Le 1925, Bordeaux, France

After a bit of a walk around Bordeaux it was time for lunch and as I was walking close to the Girondins Monument I saw a restaurant called Le 1925. A quick check online showed that it had a very good reputation, so in I went and was promplty seated.

For the next 75 minutes or so I had one of the best meals that I would have during my trip.

I didn’t have a starter, choosing to jump straight into a main.

I ordered the beef tenderloin which comes with crystallized shallots, french fries, a small salad and bearnaise sauce. I said I wanted it cooked medium-rare but I don’t think the waitress quite cottoned on to what I said, but thankfully another waiter came over to confirm whether I wanted medium-rare or medium-well… thank God they asked.

In about 15 minutes I had one of the best steaks I’d ever had on a plate in from of me. The meat was cooked perfectly and I savoured every bite.

For dessert I ordered the profiteroles which came with vanilla ice cream and one of the richest chocolate sauces I’ve ever had which was served with a flourish at the table.

To drink I ordered a couple of glasses of local red wine which was very good. Have a look at their wine list, it’s pretty damn impressive.

Absolutely magnificent lunch and I’d defintely eat here again when I’m back in Bordeaux.