Tonkatsu Wako, Ark Hills, Tokyo, Japan

I’m a sucker for Tonkatsu – Japanese crumbed and deep fried pork cutlets. Yummy!

On my first trip to Japan I stumbled across this restaurant (which I later found out was a chain) on my last night in Tokyo, so when I came back to Tokyo for my second trip I knew I’d be having a couple of meals here.

Tonkatsu Wako, Ark Hills, Tokyo, Japan

Most dishes are, as you would expect, based around the fried pork cutlets.

The dishes I tried here include

  • Tonkatsu with rice, cabbage & pickles – a smaller dish
  • Tonkatsu with Japanese curry (Katsu Kare) & rice – also a smaller dish
  • Hotpot of Tonkatsu cooked with egg, with rice, pickles, miso soup and cabbage

The supply of cabbage and miso soup is endless. If you run out you press the call button on the table and ask for some more.

All the dishes were great. They just have the knack of cooking the pork perfectly and the bread crumbs are cooked superbly. I probably ended up enjoying the hotpot the best.

When you arrive you are automatically given a tea, but I always went for a long neck of Japanese beer to accompany my meal.

I had lots of Tonkatsu during my trip and the ones served at this restaurant were up there with the best.

If you’re around Ark Hills one evening and looking for a very decent and quick meal, give Tonkatsu Wako a try.