Wolfie’s Grill, Sydney, Australia

I was in Sydney again during the last week for a training course, which meant that I had the opportunity to head back to one of the best feeds that I’ve found in Sydney, Wolfie’s Grill on the waterfront at West Circular Quay.

As I’ve said previously, Wolfie’s is a meat eaters paradise…

Today I again went for the pork ribs with barbaque sauce. Not just one or two ribs, but a full set of ribs and they were as good as I had remembered. In the good old days you used to get chips with your main, but no more. You need to order sides like chip separately.

We chose a nice Victorian pinot to accompany our meal and I again finished off with a glass of port.

I knocked of half a point as they’d removed the chips from the rib dish… maybe they’ll do the right thing and change their mind and give you basic sides with your meal!