Mantra on Murray, Perth, Australia

I was back in Perth for the week and after my last stay at the lack lustre Duxton and previously the site of the world’s most expensive beer, the Sheraton Four Points, I decided to give another hotel on our Perth list a try. Of this year’s shortened list I chose the Mantra on Murray.

Mantra on Murray, Perth, Australia

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Duxton, Perth, Australia

I’d stayed at the Duxton once before, probably about 5 years or so ago. After that stay I vowed never to stay there again as I did not leave with a good impression of the place. It was dated and dirty.

Fast forward 5 years and after a couple of colleagues said that place had been done up I thought I’d give it another try.

Duxton, Perth, Australia

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World’s most expensive beer – a new candidate

I’d previously thought that I’d found the world’s most expensive local beer in Singapore but my recent visit to Perth had me dumbstruck!

I was staying at the Four Points by Sheraton and decided to have a beer in the hotel bar on the Wednesday evening. Now this hotel is by no means 5 star but its comfortable and this is Perth!

So, down I trundle to the bar for a pint of local Pale Ale… and when I heard the price I thought I’d misheard and had to ask again… but no, I’d heard right the first time, $18, yes, that’s a one and an eight together. EIGHTEEN, $2 less than $20 for one pint of beer!

Now I know that all hotels put a humungous markup on everything they sell, but this would have been an $8 pint anywhere else in Australia and I can’t work out how they could justify an extra $10 on top.

Only saving grace is that they do specials on some nights like a pint of beer and a pie for $12, and Starwood Preferred Guests get a half price drink but that’s not enough to justify the price gouging if you don’t get those specials.

This is one of the reasons I’ll be looking to stay in another hotel next time.

Ibis, Perth, Australia

Anyone else find it incredibly hard to get a hotel in Perth even if you try to book 2 or 3 weeks in advance?

Being a Gold member of Accor’s Le Club I’ve been trying to stay at their stable of hotels of late so I can collect more points.

In Perth we’re able to stay at the Ibis hotel on Murray St.

Ibis, Perth, Australia

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