Four Points by Sheraton, Perth, Australia

It’d been 6 months since I was in Perth and decided to try a new hotel that was close to the office.

Some of my colleagues had stayed at the Four Points by Sheraton in Perth before and had spoken highly of it, and I’d also stayed at the Sydney Four Points, so I was looking forward to a couple of mights in a decent hotel.

The Four Points is on Wellington Street opposite Perth Arena.

First thing you recognise after you get to your room is that this is a old hotel that’s been done up. Don’t get me wrong the rooms were quite well appointed, nice TV and good bathroom area, but sometimes odd. For example, the shower was HUGE, but the toilet area felt cramped.

A couple of things that annoyed me were

  • The hotel compendium said that we had both wired and wireless internet access. I normally take an Apple Airport Express with me. I plug that into the ethernet cable and then have a local wifi access port for my laptops, tablets and phones… but do you think I could find this illusive ether cable? Nope, had to resort to using the hotel wifi.
  • Which brings me to my second point. The hotel wifi was very erratic. They were running 2 slightly different SSIDs and each of them would fade in and out every so often. On more that one occasion when my internet stalled I had to manually switch over to the other SSID to get internet access back up and running.
  • On check-in I was asked whether I wanted a copy of the Western Australian newspaper each morning to which I said yes, but I never saw my newspaper.
  • Lastly, the mini bar fridge was completely empty. Not even water or those mini long life milks. Luckily I knew there was a convenience store just down the road so I could get provisions.

But credit where credit is due, the front desk staff were very good (apart from no newspaper!) and they’re doing bits of the hotel up. One of the lifts had been refurbed and was very modern, one was being serviced and was out of action, while the third lift was still in all its original 1980s wooden panelled glory.

Check in and check out were efficient and there was no credit card surcharge when I settled up using my AMEX.

All that said, I will probably try another hotel next time.