Transport, Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne summer weather… you have to love it… 10 degrees one day, 37 the next, and lets’s throw in a thunderstorm and hailstorm or two for good measure.

Today was a thunderstorm or two, after yesterday’s golf ball sized hail.

But we’re here for beer, not for the weather.

It’s been a while since I’d headed to Transport and I was there today for a conjunction of me being at closeby Southbank, pretty crappy weather and a lot of out of towners due to the Australian Open.

Ambience-wise it’s abit of beer barn… not too many redeeming features and too busy for my liking but a good location for watching some sport on the myriad of TVs.

Beer-wise there are a couple of decent beers on tap.

This place is certainly worth a stop if you are near Flinders Street Station but it’s certainly a stop and not a destination.