La Tanière, Bordeaux, France

After my beers at The Frog & Rosbif I ventured around the corner to a small restaurant called La Tanière.

La Tanière, Bordeaux, France

Online said that the restaurant opens at 6pm but when I walked in around 6:45 I was the first in the door and the staff were enjoying their dinner. But I was welcomed in to have a beer while I waited for service to begin around 7:15.

While I waited I had a Grimbergen Ambrée.

I’m glad I waited as for the next 90 minutes I had an excellent meal.

The waiter bought over the blackboard with today’s menu on it and I saw a duck breast – either half or full. I ordered the full breast and about 20 minutes later I had a huge meal of duck and french fries. The duck was cooked medium-rare just as I asked for. The duck itself was magnificent but what made the dish was the sauce that accompanied the duck – it was rich and sweet and was a perfect accompaniment.

I also ordered a glass of the local house red wine.

While the main dish was large I was so impressed that I had to try dessert so I ordered the Crème brûlée to complete the meal. Like the main course the dessert was splendid.

La Tanière would have to be another must visit restaurant in Bordeaux.

One thing to know is that this place is cash only.