Hotel M’s Est Shijo Karasuma, Kyoto, Japan

Hotel M’s Est Shijo Karasuma is a modern hotel near Shijo and Karasuma stations in Kyoto, and it is also now officially the smallest hotel room I’ve ever stayed in, even small than the room I had in Amsterdam last year!

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BEER PUB Takumiya, Kyoto, Japan

BEER PUB Takumiya is a place you MUST go to.

It was my final night in Kyoto and I was looking for a good feed and better beer. Luckily I’d found mention of a great little gastropub about 10 minutes walk away.

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Hub British Pub, Kyoto, Japan

I’d spent the morning doing a bit of sightseeing. First heading out to Fushimi Inari Taisha where I trudged up the mountain (I didn’t make it to the top) along with hoards of other people.

DSC04364 (October 8, 2018)

I then headed back to Kyoto station heading up Kyoto Tower for a bit of gander at the Kyoto area on high before finding somewhere for lunch.

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Kushiyaki Manten, Kyoto, Japan

After the excellent beers at Beer Komachi I decided I wanted yakitori for dinner so I headed over to the Pontocho area. My target was Kushiyaki Manten.

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Beer Komachi, Kyoto, Japan

This was my third visit to Beer Komachi and it never disappoints. My last visit was just over a year ago.

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