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Alfredo’s Restaurant, Sydney, Australia

In the laneway next to the Sydney Harbour Marriott is Alfredo’s Restaurant.

The quality of the food here is superb.

I ordered the bruschetta which tasted fresh and refreshing on soft fluffy bread – a great starter dish.

For my main I ordered the large pheasant ravioli which would have to be one of the best dishes I’ve eaten this year – I could have ordered a second one it was just so good.

For desert I had to order the tiramisu, as I try to do in most Italian restaurants, and it too was perfect.

Foodwise, a great restaurant.

What wasn’t so good was the service. Rather than look after their customers the staff just chatted away between themselves, or started cleaning around the bar area totally ignoring that customer were waiting to be served.

While the food was spectacular the quality of the service was probably bad enough that I won’t be returning.

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Caminetto, Sydney, Australia

The Rocks in Sydney is a very touristy area (opal stores and shops selling cheap (in value, not price) souvenirs) and that means that the prices are usually tweaked upwards knowing people spend up when they’re on holidays.

So it’s good when you find somewhere that isn’t taking the piss price wise.

Caminetto is an Italian restaurant set a little bit back from the main drag, just behind the Holiday Inn.

On a nice evening you can sit in the courtyard and enjoy a good meal. Decent sized pizzas and calzones await you, along with all other manner of Italian dishes.

If you want a good Italian meal, slightly away from the hoards then this is your place.

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Amo Roma, Sydney

I was in Sydney for an evening so decided to try somewhere new for dinner after a couple of refreshing beers. We were imbibing at Circular Quay and decided to head down to the rocks to find somewhere to eat.

There are many choices in that part of Sydney: steak, Italian, thai… but we decided to try an Italian restaurant called Amo Roma on George Street.

Typical Italian fare was on offer and a Parmesan pizza bread was ordered for starters, a simple but tasty start to the meal.

For my main dish I chose the eponymous Amo Roma pizza which was a thin crust pizza with salami, ham, capsicum, mushroom, tomato sauce and mozzarella, my friend ordered the Kangaroo pizza with spanish onion, capsicum, blueberry glaze, tomato sauce and mozzarella.

The pizzas were were large, extremely tasty and not overly packed with toppings, so probably more in the real Italian style rather than the heaped toppings we’re probably used to in Australia.

We washed our meal down with a reasonably priced Italian Fattoria Zerbina Ceregio Sangiovese.

A good meal that came to around $100 for the two of us.

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