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Bier Central, Antwerp, Belgium

This is a very interesting place for beer lovers. It’s on the food and drink street of De Keyserlei directly west of Antwerp Central station just north of the Diamant area.

The first thing that will hit you is the HUGE selection of beers that you can choose from. Tap beer, bottled beer… you name it it’s probably available.

When you sit down you will find a copy of The Beer Encyclopedia – their beer list! It’s bigger than some magazines you buy at a newsagent.

I’d originally popped in early afternoon (around 1:45 I think) after having Chinese food for lunch to have ‘a couple’ before heading back to my hotel but the day didn’t work out that way. I got back to my hotel around 8:30 whoops).

From what I can work out from my receipts I partook in

  • La Ramee Amber
  • Ramee Blond
  • Boerinneke
  • Hercule Stout
  • Divers Bar

They also have food (thank God!) so I chose a pizza before closing out the tab to make sure I’d buy no more beer!

Surprisingly, no hangover the next morning which was good as I needed to pack and take the train to Amsterdam.

 This is a place NOT to be missed when you are in Antwerp.

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Le Brosella, Brussels, Belgium

What’s the one thing you need to do if you go to Belgium? Yep – Real Belgian Waffles!

In my walks around Brussels I’d walked past many shops / cafes offering waffles but hadn’t dropped into one yet. One afternoon I decided I’d better go out and give them a try or I’d never be allowed back into the country.

Quite near my hotel is the Place des Martyrs where around 400 heroes from the 1830 Belgian Revolution are buried. The square is surrounded by the Flemish Government cabinet office, theatres and restaurants.

Overlooking the square’s main monument is La Brosella, a Belgian cafe / bar with both inside and outside seating.

I’d already made sure that Belgian Waffles were on the menu before I sat down outside.

After a short wait and I had my waffles and a Rochefort 10.

I must say that this place is very reasonably priced given it’s in a touristy area.

If you’re in the area drop in for the waffles… and a couple of beers 🙂

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La Bergerie, Villard-Reculas, France

It was our last night in the chalet at Villard-Reculas. We’d cleaned out most of the food and wine at the chalet and no-one was in the mood to cook so we’d booked in at La Bergerie, a restaurant on the mountain behind the chalet. It was our chance to unwind with one final meal together before we all went our seperate ways.

La Bergerie has a large outside deck and a smaller inside seating area. The weather was beautiful in July and our table on the deck gave is a great view of the setting sun as it slipped below the French Alps. It did get a little cool once the sun went down.

The menu was French through and through and a number of us opted for Coq au Vin which came out in communal earthenware containers. Also included was a never ending supply of very good potato gratin. And as always the french bread to dunk in the sauce was to die for.

A majority of us opted for home made ice cream for dessert.

The wine list was great and we demolished a number of very good bottles.

It wasn’t cheap but for the quality of the food and wine, and the spectacular views it was worth the price.

If you’re in the area make sure you pop in, even if you don’t eat here.

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O’Conway’s Pub, Gare Lyon Part Dieu, Lyon, France

With the week at the chalet in Villard Reculas over we were all heading in our seperate directions all over Europe. I hitched a ride with the birthday boy and his family to Lyon where I would jump on a TGV to Brussels while they were heading off to Paris.

We got to Gare Lyon Part Dieu early so we wouldn’t have to rush to our trains without having lunch. As we had all our luggage with us we wanted somewhere with some space. As we were walking through the station we say the word PUB and went for it.

The PUB is O’Conway’s and its in the station building. Surprisingly, at lunchtime it wasn’t too busy and easily got a table for 4 with space for our luggage. There’s also an outside area for the smokers.

The menu wasn’t overly inspiring but the burgers sounded OK so we all ordered one. I get the feeling that some of the food is pre-cooked as the burger that I’d ordered (nothing special) they had run out of (it was only 12:30 in the afternoon hmmm), so I had to chose another.

They had a reasonable selection of beers though and we chose 1664.

It was an OK place to pass through and I wouldn’t go out of my way to go back unless I had to because a future train journey took be through Lyon station.

The place could certainly be improved, but given the itinerant cliental, many of which will never return anyway, why would they bother.

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L’Alaska, L’Alpe-d’Huez, France

L’Alaska is a very relaxed restaurant / bar with a large open deck looking onto Route d’Huez so you can watch and cheer the cyclists as they finish their ascent of the mountain and sprint for the finish line.

It’s just a couple of doors up from La Cremaillere.

We came up to L’Alpe-d’Huez on our first morning to have a look around and to hit the tourist office to get the lay of the land while several of our group rode up the mountain.

The cyclists’ estimated arrival time came and went so we chose to find somewhere for lunch where we could watch out for them. A walk down the road had us looking at the menu at L’Alaska.

The menu is extensive and much like you’d get at any cafe around the world but with quintessentially French dishes such as steak hache (raw chopped steak).

The serving sizes were very generous for the salads and the burgers that we ordered and a decent range of drinks were also on offer.

By no means was this fine dining like I would say La Cremaillere was. But for a casual meal it was a good choice.

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