Renn Thai, Clarke Quay, Singapore

I’d been down near the Singapore River for the morning when the pangs for lunch started just before midday. If you’ve been to Clarke Quay before you’ll know its very much a nighttime area, so there weren’t an overwhelming number of options for lunch.

One restaurant that was open for lunch was Renn Thai. It is directly across the river from SQUE. At midday I was the first person in the door and during my stay there was a slow stream of other diners coming in.

The menu was fairly extensive and very well presented.

I like spicy, but not overly spicy food, so I decided to start with a Tom Kha Gai which had a bit of a kick to it. I had sweat pouring off my forehead!

For main course I ordered a Massaman Beef curry and a small serving of steamed rice. This was a large dish, an OK taste, but by no means the best massaman curry I’ve had but it was still a good, solid dish.

As is the norm in Singapore, sunlight hours are pretty much “happy hour” so I enjoyed 2 mugs of Tiger beer for the price of 1 with my meal.

Curry was $26. Soup was $10. Beers were $11 each but with happy hour it was $11 for 2.