Danish Tavern, Brussels, Belgium

On Sunday morning, my first full day in Belgium, I’d wandered into the centre of Brussels which was about a 10 minute walk from my hotel.

Danish Tavern, Brussels, Belgium

The centre of Brussels is a compact and historical area of meandering roads and lanes with history, restaurants and bars at every turn.

I’m not known for keeping my bearings in cities, and often end up going in completely the wrong direction. After walking around in circles for a while with my thirst growing I saw the Danish Tavern near the Church of Saint Nicolas and the Brussels Stock Exchange.

The Danish Tavern had a well frequented outside area overlooking the passing throngs. As it was full I adjourned inside to the almost empty bar.

The drinks menu had a decent number of beers including Chimay, Kwak, Leffe and Orval. You could make yourself at home here!

After a beer to cool down it was lunchtime and I had their Gigot D’Agneau Grille (Grilled rack of lamb) which was cooked well and certainly filled me up.

Several more beers and the waitress pointed me back towards my hotel for an afternoon snooze.