The Grill, Auckland, New Zealand

On Tuesday there were six hungry people looking for a feed of meat and one of my colleagues had found a place that would not disappoint us.

The Grill is a restaurant in the SKYCITY Grand Hotel in central Auckland.

The Grill, Auckland, New Zealand

The Grill, as the name suggests is a meat lovers wet dream. It took quite a long time to make up our minds given the choices on the menu but we were guided to a decision by the great wait staff. In the end two of the group had decided on the Wagyu Burger while the rest of us were convinced to try a couple of share dishes.

The first dish we ordered was the Study of Beef – 3 different cuts of steaks with matching sauces, and the second dish was a Slow Roasted Lamb Shoulder. The steaks were very good but the lamb shoulder was excellent. The portions were just the right size to feed 4 of us. In fact we were so full none of us could face dessert.

If you like your meat, and you’re not shy about spending your money, then I heartily recommend you try The Grill in Auckland.