The Charles Dickens, Bordeaux, France

After getting back into central Bordeaux from the Cité du Vin on the ferry and having a bit of a walk around the centre of the city I started feeling a little thirsty so I pulled out my phone to look for a pub that was open.

Google maps pointed me towards a place close to the river called The Charles Dickens which is part of a chain on pubs across France.

The Charles Dickens, Bordeaux, France

There were only a handful of folk in the pub when I arrived. I headed to the bar to see what was available on tap.

The beers I tried were made by the mob that own the bar (Charles Wells – the same company that own The Bombardier in Paris).

I only stayed for 2 drinks which I drank on the open air terrace out the front that looked over the Garonne River. While it was chilly it was also comfortable.

My first beer was a Charlie Wells Triple Hop IPA which was a refreshing but run of the mill IPA. To follow up I tried the Young’s London Stout which I preferred more that the IPA but is still just, in my opinion, a mediocre stout.

IMG 20190516 141359
IMG 20190516 141359 (May 16, 2019)


IMG 20190516 150146
IMG 20190516 150146 (May 16, 2019)