Shiroyamatei, Kanazawa, Japan

After my visit to Kenroku-en Gardens I was looking to get lunch before heading into Kanazawa Castle.

As I was walking to Ishikawa Gate I walked past a small selection of restaurants just below the gardens.

I chose Shiroyamatei.

Walking in around noon I was shown to an empty table and given an English menu. There is also a more traditional Japanese dining area towards the back of the restaurant which would become busy while I ate.

I ordered a dish of Beef and Egg Rice and and large beer. It took about 10 minutes for my meal to be served and I wasn’t disappointed.  There’s something about the way that the Japanese cook their onions in their dishes that make them so delicious!

Being in a touristy area the price was probably a little over the odds but you certainly can’t question the quality of the meal.