Duxton, Perth, Australia

I’d stayed at the Duxton once before, probably about 5 years or so ago. After that stay I vowed never to stay there again as I did not leave with a good impression of the place. It was dated and dirty.

Fast forward 5 years and after a couple of colleagues said that place had been done up I thought I’d give it another try.

You can’t fault the location, next to the Concert Hall on St Georges Terrace near where it becomes Adelaide Terrace. Its a very nice setting.

The hotel had definitely been done up a little since I was there last time, but the way to tell the age, and the quality of the refurbishment, of a hotel is to look at the bathroom. You can’t put lipstick on a pig and be happy with the result, nor can you do up a hotel room without a major renovation (think pull it out and rebuild) of the bathroom. Unfortunately, that’s what they’ve done at the Duxton as the bathroom was there in its dated glory. Old taps, old shower and shower curtain and dated vanity. Very disappointing.

I was only in Perth for 26 hours so I didn’t have a chance to use any of the facilities of the hotel and I don’t think I will on my next trip either as I’ll be staying somewhere else. The Sheraton Four Points, even with the extortionary beer prices, is still probably a better appointed hotel in the rooms.