Tai Hing, East Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

At a loss for somewhere to have lunch after visiting the Hong Kong Science Museum, I started up my trusty TripAdvisor app to see what restaurants with a decent rating were close by. Up popped Tai Hing in the New Mandarin Centre a couple of hundred metres away from where I was so off into the hot, humid, smoggy day I went.

Tai Hing, as I eventually found out, is a chain of around 45 restaurants around Hong Kong who’s main menu items are roasts – several different type of roast pork, roast goose amongst others.

I went to this particular restaurant 3 times during my 2 stays in Hong Kong each time having different combinations of their roast pork and roast goose (I love goose!).

The quality and price can’t be beaten and service is really fast. The combinations of  pork, goose & rice, along with a cold drink came in at around HK$70, which is just a shade over AU$10.

Highly recommended.