Mahn Doo, Melbourne, Australia

Mahn Doo is a Korean Dumpling Bar and Restaurant in the centre of Melbounre. It’s literally a stones throw from my place and I’ve been past it hundreds of times but never throught to go in.

This evening I was having a drink with a friend and we decided to give it a try.

And we were glad we did as the food was delicious.

There was a fairly comprehensive menu and we chose an entree and a main to share.

I’m not an overly fishy person so when we saw Wagyu Sushi, much like I’d had at Public House Hosanna in Himeji, on the menu it was an easy choice for the starter.

After mulling over the mains for a little while we settled on Beef Short Ribs.

The 6 Wagyu Sushi pieces were excellent – I could just keep eating these!

And the Beef Short Ribs were also superb. It was a large dish, sort of like a stew with vegetables, accompanied by pickles and kimchi.

The 2 dishes were just the right size for the 2 of us and we were glad we didn’t order anymore.

The drink menu was pretty good as well.

I am very impressed with Mahn Doo and it is well worth another visit.