Public House Hosanna, Himeji, Japan

Another hidden gem! A 10 minute walk south of Himeji Station is a small pub that has a great food and drink menu. It’s on the corner down the stairs.

I started with a couple of beers

while deciding what to eat.

I finally decided on a couple of dishes which turned out to be absolutely magnificent.

My first dish was Kobe Beef Sushi – rare beef on a bite sized bed of rice. One of the most unique dishes I’ve ever eaten. The pricing of this dish was confusing though. The first piece was ¥500 and the second and subsequent were ¥850! Normally you get a discount for buying more, but not with this dish.

For my second dish I ordered 100 grams of skirt steak with salt and green onions. Simply superb.

After dinner I was looking to finish my meal with a Japanese whisky and I was lucky enough to be offered a side by side testing of an old, 30 years old, and a new bottle of Nikka Miyagikyo. It was interesting to taste the subtle differences between the old and new bottle.

This is one of the must go place in Himeji.