The Kathmandu Cottage, Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne was slowly coming back to normal after a pretty quiet Christmas and New Year, and a mate and I had decided to catchup for a beer and dinner.

We started at The Drunken Poet near the Queen Victoria Market for a couple of medicinal Guinness’ and then we needed to find somewhere for dinner. We honed in on a place called The Kathmandu Cottage. Everytime I’d walked by I’d made a mental note to eat here and today was the day.

The Kathmandu Cottage, Melbourne, Australia

We arrived around 6:30 and we pretty much had our pick of the tables after we’d done the obligatory hand sanitising and COVID checkin.

Rather than trawl through the menu we noticed there were a couple of quite reasonably priced banquets at the back that had a good mix of dishes. So we ordered the Annapurna Banquet for 2 and a couple of Kingfishers.

The Aloo Chop was something I hadn’t had before but was very simple but very tasty. The Seekh Kebab was also pretty good.

Another of the entrees, momo, I’d also never had before, in fact I didn’t know what to expect but they turned out to be Nepelese steamed meat and vegetable dumplings which tasted good.

The banquet also came with three main dishes which were chicken curry, lamb rogan josh and a vegetable curry. All had great flavors and the size was just right for 2 people.

Also included was a serving of rice, naan and raita.

While tea and coffee was included we didn’t partake.

Overall it was a pretty decent meal. The flavors were great, not too spicy, and the serving sizes were spot on.

I would eat here again.