Izakaya Hosokawa, Toyama, Japan

After the ~330km trip from Tokyo to Toyama on the Shinkansen at a top speed of ~265km/h I was looking for somewhere to have dinner.

Close by to my hotel I noticed an Izakaya (a Japanese tavern) that had some decent reviews.

Izakaya Hosokawa, Toyama, Japan

I arrived around 5:30 and there were already plenty of people tucking into their meals along with the requisite beers, sake & shochu.

I was given a seat at the counter and an English menu while I ordered Kirin.

The menu had a decent selection of chicken, pork, beef and seafood as well as salads and vegetables.

My mission for the evening was yakitori, and eat yakitori I did.

For around an hour and a half I had a feast of chicken skin, chicken thigh, pork and beef yakitori skewers and really good potato croquettes.

Towards the latter stages of my meal the patron who’d sat next to me offered me some of their shochu.

IMG 20181003 183417
IMG 20181003 183417 (October 3, 2018)

It was very nice of them. The drink itself was quite nice over a block or 2 of ice. We tried to have a conversation but I have almost zero Japanese, and his English wasn’t much better but were were able to make small talk. To thank them I shared my beef skewers with him.

If you are in Toyama and are after a typical Japanese dinner experience then Hosokawa is a great choice.