Okaman, Toyama, Japan

After a bit of a look around Toyama I was ready for lunch.

In Japan nearly all shopping centres more than a couple of stories tall will have a floor (or 2) of restaurants. There will be a floor somewhere towards the top of the building and quite possibly another in the basement. At the Marier Toyama next to Toyama Station I headed upto the 6th floor where there are a dozen or so restaurants for a quick recon.

There was a reasonable selection of katsu, noddle soup, curry and non-Japanese restaurants.

I chose Okaman which was offering a set menu for lunch.

Just before midday it was fairly quiet as I walked in and was easily able to get a table and was given an English menu.

The set menu was a chicken katsu (fried crumbed cutlet), soup, side dish and salad.

The side dish was tuna which I wasn’t a fan of – more for the fact that I’m not a seafood eater than anything else.

The main, the chicken katsu with rice was good with a decent flavor and not oily.

With the meal I drank a Kirin.

As I left about an hour later the restaurant was quite busy.