Harry’s @ Chijmes, Singapore

After the less than average Nachos at Paprika and Cumin at Chijmes I decided to try Harry’s @ Chijmes which is literally right next door to Paprika and Cumin.

On a late Saturday afternoon I sat down for a couple of beers, Carlsburg pints in this instance, but alas Happy Hour doesn’t work at Harry’s on a Friday or Saturday. Regardless, the prices were reasonable @ $14.50 a pint which wasn’t too far off some of the Happy Hour prices I’ve seen.

While waiting for a colleague to arrive I decided to tempt fate and hope the chef at Harry’s knew how to make a decent Nachos. And I was pleasantly surprised when a pretty decent Nachos came out. 1000% better than the abomination from next door.

It was a nice way to spend a couple of hours with a cool drink, corn chips watching the F1 and soccer.