Café ‘t Monumentje, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

For Sunday brunch I headed into the western part of Amsterdam. The destination for my trek was Café ‘t Monumentje.

Café ‘t Monumentje is a cosy and quaint cafe that serves coffees, pastries and importantly local beers.

I settled in at the large table towards the back of the cafe with a stubby of Saison Brûût from the local Amsterdam Bruut Bier. It was a sour, fruity bitter beer that I liked very much.

My second beer was another local Amsterdam beer by Oedipus Brewing. The Mannenliefde was another Saison which has a spicy taste to it. A good, middle of the road saison.

I think the Saison Brûût was the better of the two beers but only by a small margin.

If you’re over in the western side of Amsterdam do yourself a favor and drop into Café ‘t Monumentje, you won’t be disappointed.