L’Ane Qui Tousse, Toulouse, France

The name L’Ane Qui Tousse translates to The Coughing Donkey – I forgot to ask for the password to the page on the website that would tell me why the name was chosen.

It was my last evening in Toulouse and I wanted to have a great French meal to close off this short chapter of my trip.

Out with the ever trusty google maps and a quick search for restaurants. About 450m away was L’Ane Qui Tousse, the menu looked good and hearty so off I headed

On a Monday evening it wasn’t too busy and by the time I arrived there were already a couple of patrons dining.

There wasn’t an English menu here, but I thought I knew a good number of words so was confident that I could order, but I was soon bought down to earth as I ordered a starter from the tapas menu only to be asked quizically “that’s duck hearts?”

That minor setback averted I ordered the roasted camembert that came with fig jam & hazlenuts, and a copious amount of fresh bread on the side for my starter. And I will admit, if this was the only dish I had ordered I would have been more than happy. The gooey cheese and figjam spread across a piece of bread was just divine.

But I knew I wanted duck, but not duck hearts, so I was pointed towards the roasted duck breast dish in the main menu. The roasted duck came with garlic juice and I chose the pepper sauce rather than the blue cheese sauce.

It took a while for the duck to be cooked but when it came out it was perfect, just on the rare side of medium with a pinkish tinge. And it tasted great. Add on the garlic and pepper and it took on a whole different level. Certainly worth the wait.

For dessert I was torn between the profriteroles and the creme brulee, but I chose the later and wasn’t disappointed.

To accompany my meal I had a bottle of Château Lamothe red wine from Bordeaux. A nice wine to augment the meal.

IMG 20190520 194558
IMG 20190520 194558 (May 20, 2019)