Boilermaker House, Melbourne, Australia

Biolermaker House up near QV in the Greek Quarter is another great whiskey bar – up on par with Beneath Driver Lane.

Boilermaker House, Melbourne, Australia

The first thing that you’ll notice when you walk in is the wall full of whiskey. Probably 400 or 500 bottles. All just waiting to tasted.

When the options are so varied where to start? Two options

1) the bar staff have an encyclopedic knowledge of whiskey, tell them your likes and dislikes and let them guide you, or

2) grab the huge menu (it used to be a book about 100 pages long, now thankfully an iPad) and explore.

I’m personnaly a fan of Japanese whiskeys, and Islay & Speyside whiskey’s and thankfully there’s a great selection of them on offer.

But given the size of the menu Boilermaker is also a great place to try something new, and this is where the knowledge of the staff comes into play. Over my last couple of visits I was able to try a couple of decent Irish whiskies.

If you like your whiskey Boilermaker House is another destination for you to try.

They also have a good selection of beers on tap for that cleasning ale.