Hallah, Melbourne, Australia

I recently welcomed my second half century and some good friends wanted to take me out for a feast. I choose Korean BBQ and they chose Hallah close to the Queen Vicrotia Market.

Hallah, Melbourne, Australia

When I think of Korean BBQ I think kimchi and lots and lots of meat cooked at the table and that’s exactly how the evening panned out.

I have a soft spot for korean fried chicken and today’s Honey Garlic was pretty damn good.

I think we underestimated how much food we ordered as for over an hour we kept having more meat brought to our table and placed on the grill. From memory they also had to change the grill 3 times.

We ordered two of the BBQ “sets” – a set being advertised as being for 2 people as well as a seperate BBQ beef.

We had what was called a wrapping set which, along with pork belly, has lettuce, chilli and garlic. You BBQ your meat and then build up your own concoction in a piece of lettuce.

The second set gave us a couple of small dishes (we had the Kimchi Pancake and Kimchi Soup) and BBQ chicken.

And if that wasn’t enough we also had that extra serve of BBQ beef.

The meal was magnificent and I will say we were all quite stuffed at the end as we’d eaten enough meat to fuel an army

They do also have some drink specials during the week – we got a serve of rice wine as it was Tuesday.