Sumiemon, Himeji, Japan

After the quick shinkansen ride from Kyoto to Himeji I was told by my hotel that I couldn’t check-in until 3pm so I had some time to kill so went exploring for a late lunch.

Just to the north of Himeji station is the Festa shopping centre and on the second floor is Sumiemon, a yakitori restaurant.

Being after the normal lunchtime I didn’t really expect to find anywhere to eat, but Sumiemon was open and I think there was only one other table occupied.

As I looked at the menu I ordered a Suntory The Malts Umami which was a middle of the road lager.

For my late lunch I ordered a selection of chicken, pork and beef yakitori and all were tasty.

In all a good place for a quick meal and not overly pricey.