Grand Slam Burger, Montpellier, France

After my afternoon of drinking beer in Montpellier’s old town I decided to take it easy on my last evening in the city and concentrate more on the food than the drink.

Quite close to my hotel was a hamburger restaurant called Grand Slam Burger that had an interesting menu and some really good reviews so I hauled my still half sloshed butt out of the hotel to the restaurant.

Grand Slam Burger, Montpellier, France

Grand Slam Burger is labeled as a fast food restaurant but some of the dishes were, in my antipodian view, gourmet.

Why do I say gourmet? Well, how many times have you seen a duck burger on the menu at your local chippie? Yep, never… unless you live in Montpellier.

I ordered the Mighty Duck burger and a side of fries.

It took a little while for my burger to be cooked but soon enough I had a duck burger in my hand. The brioche bun contained a large patty of juicy duck along with bacon, pumpkin puree, chilli jam, mayo and red onions. A great combination of tastes!

There was a small selection of artisan beers from a French brewery called Brasserie d’Oc. I tried one of the Blondes and it wasn’t too bad.