Chez Ouam, Montpellier, France

My second morning in Montpellier had me in the west wandering through the small, meandering streets. Getting back into the main part of the city I spotted a place called Chez Ouam just about lunchtime and I took a seat outside.

Chez Ouam, Montpellier, France

Labelled as French cuisine but I thought the menu was an ecclectic mix.

One of the specials on the day I visited was a chicken curry which I received pretty quick smart with rice and some veggies, along with the requisite fresh bread and creamy butter.

Rather than the curry punch you can get from an Indian or Thai curry this dish was far more subtle and while there was definitely a curry flavor it didn’t overwhelm the other components of the meal. The dish worked well in my opinion.

To drink I ordered an American Pale Ale called La Girouette – Blonde.

IMG 20190523 121311
IMG 20190523 121311 (May 23, 2019)