Man! Have I flown a lot this year…

I’ve just managed to clock up over 100,000 kms of flying for the year. No wonder my arms are tired!

That does include a couple of overseas trips, to San Francisco, Singapore/Jakarta and NZ, but a majority of the flights have been Australian domestic (around 60).

How do I know all this, well a colleague put me onto a website called FlightMemory that allows you to chronicle your flights and then you end up with the statistics and a very nice map of your travels. Here’re my flights.

I’ve only entered the last years worth of flights, but given the number of flights, and the distances I’ve flown, over the past 4 years I would conservatively guess that I’ve made it to the moon and would be well on the way home.

These maps just go to show why I do not have a life 🙂