Madeira Portuguese Restaurant, The Venetian Macau, Taipa, Macau

During my last holiday trip to Hong Kong I did the usual day trip to Macau. When you arrive in Macau on the ferry from Hong Kong you’re presented with a myriad of free buses to whisk you away to one of the 33 casinos in Macau.

The random bus I picked this time had me heading out to The Venetian on the island of Taipa.

If you’ve been to The Venetian in Las Vegas then this version has pretty much the same look and feel but is just much, much larger! As of early 2015 it’s the 7th largest building in the world based on floor area!

By the time I’d had a quick look around I ended up walking around the San Luca canal area and stumbled upon a square in the Shoppes with many restaurants.

Being in Macau I, of course, chose to eat at a Portuguese restaurant called Madeira Portuguese Restaurant.

For a starter I chose something light, the Ham & Melon platter which was refreshing.

For main I decided to go with a Braised Duckling dish. Not having had Duck cooked this way before I really enjoyed the dish. And it was a large enough serving to be able to walk away from the meal sated.

To wash my meal down I ordered the local brew, Macau Beer, in a European Pale Lager style. I found the beer a nice compliment to the meal but thinking back it was a pretty nondescript beer.

Overall, it was a decent meal though probably a little overpriced at M$364 or ~AU$58.