Kairikiya Kawaramachi Sanjo, Kyoto, Japan

It was the end of my first full day in Japan and after the Shinkansen trip from Tokyo to Kyoto, and having checked into my hotel, I was looking for my first real Japanese meal.

I jumped on the subway and headed one station east to Kyoto Shiyakusho-mae Station near the Kamo River.

The area is full of shops and restaurants so I went exploring the laneways to see what food options I could find.

I eventually settled on a ramen shop on the main drag of Kawaramachi Dori.

As would become the norm for my meals over the next 3 weeks, as soon as I sat down I pointed the photo of the long neck of Japanese beer while I pondered what food to order.

Even though it was hot, damn hot, outside, I ordered a robust Ramen that had excellent strong flavors along with a side dish of fried chicken. The ramen itself was on the large side, so this was a very filling meal!

There was a constant flow of people, mostly Japanese but also the occasional foreigner, due to the quality of the ramen on offer.

For the price you cannot fault the meal. The ramen itself was ¥750, the side dish of fried chicken was ¥270 and the long neck of beer ¥500.

Highly recommended!