Cafe De Sluyswacht, Amsterdam, The Netherland

A magnificent building built in 1695 as the home for the sluice master who operated the sluice gates that still sit in the walls of the canal. Now the building is home to a bar.

On a warm day sitting on the terrace you can watch the boating traffic go by on one of Amsterdam’s busiest canals, and if you are there long enough you’ll inevitably see the Amsterdam equivalent of a traffic jam.

The beer selection at Cafe De Sluyswacht is superb. My tastings over a couple of days included

The Leffe Brune and the Tripel Karmeliet were the standout beers for me.

The Dutch meatballs were a tasty snack to accompany the beers.

If you’re in Amsterdam on a warm afternoon and are looking for somewhere to chill, Cafe De Sluyswacht should definitely be close to the top of your list.