Cookie, Melbourne, Australia again

Another great meal at Cookie on Swanston Street this evening.

Cookie, Melbourne, Australia

There were two of us for a quick meal this evening. It was early when we arrived, about 6:30pm and only half a dozen tables in the restaurant area were occupied when we arrived but the restaurant continued to steadily fill over the next hour.

We only tried two dishes this evening, and both were excellent.

We started off the the drunken prawns with garlic, coriander and Mekong whiskey. There were around six medium sized prawns in the dish. Terribly messy to eat, as you need to shell the prawns with your finger but the mess is worth it as you are left wanting more.

For the second dish we tried something that was new to both of us, the deep fried pork belly with red curry, kaffir lime and beans. You’d think that the pork would get soggy and limp due to the curry sauce, but each piece of pork was still crispy when you ate it. The curry sauce has red and green sliced chillies in it to add a bit of a bite. A totally awesome dish.

We were in and out in about an hour, and by the time we left the restaurant was busy and most, if not all, of the tables were occupied. You’d want to book if you want to get a table after 7pm.

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