La FaBRiK, Montpellier, France

The area around Place de la Com̩die has some really good places to eat and drink Рbut watchout as there are also some tourist traps!

But this evening I decided to start off at La FaBRiK to have a couple of beers before finding somewhere to have a meal.

The place was almost empty when I arrived at around 6pm but a slow stream of people started to arrive after 6.

But more importantly – what to drink!

Pietra Rossa is a fruit beer with a sweet cherry flavour from a micro brewary called Brasserie Pietra. It was middle of the road but I liked the flavour and am quite partial to any cherry beer.

For my second beer I went with the Corsican IPA, also from Pietra. This beer was more hoppy and, like the Pietra Rossa, was a good middle of the road beer.

I walked past here a couple of hours later and it was really busy. Seems more of a late evening bar.