Café Marcella, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

My time in Amsterdam was coming to a close so for my last lunch I decided to find a small cafe by a canal for a bite to eat and a couple of beers after doing a circuit on one of the canal boats.

I jumped off at the Hermitage Amsterdam and headed over the Skinny Bridge made famous in the James Bond movie “Diamonds are forever” in 1971.

Café Marcella, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

I headed towards the Amstelsluizen, the impressive sluice gates across the Amstel, and turned down the north side of Prinsengracht. It was a delightful walk in the warm Amsterdam spring weather.

After about 10 minutes I stopped at Café “Marcella” and small cafe with an outdoor area on the canal and I sat down at a table that had just been vacated.

After having heard about the Dutch Croquettes several times during the week I thought I’d better give this traditional dish a try.

About 10 or 15 minutes later out came 2 croquettes, 2 pieces of bread and a couple of sachets of Heinz mustard and I started to construct my lunch 🙂 Biting into the now bread and mustard surrounded croquette I had a mouthful of lava hot tasty goodness. The texture was a little weird, more liquid than solid, but the taste was good.

The beer selection was very good. I started with a Dutch De Koninck 2017 from Francke Brouwerij and then a couple of Kriek from the Belgian Brouwerij Lindemans. The Kriek was so refreshing I had a second.

For dessert I had a good apple pie and cream.

Café “Marcella” was a really pleasant place to have lunch on a canal and had a decent menu of food and drinks.