Octapas, Clarke Quay, Singapore

It was a hot and humid Singapore Saturday afternoon (lol, aren’t they always hot and humid in Singapore!) and my thoughts turned towards rehydration so I decided to see what Clarke Quay was like in the afternoon.

Octapas, Clarke Quay, Singapore

There wasn’t much happening at 3pm on a Saturday, but I guess Clarke Quay is more of a night place but I stumbled across a Spanish Tapas bar that was open who have an open air sitting area right on the water of the Singapore “River” which meant you get to view all the water traffic, and get the cool breeze.

As with most places in Singapore there’s a Happy Hour that lasts most of the day, so it was half price pints of Tiger for me.

A late lunch also ensued of Deep Fired Garlicky Chicken with Onions and Pepper, which was certainly garlicy – but since I wasn’t planning on getting lucky that didn’t matter 🙂

Not a bad place to while away some time for a drink and a meal in the afternoon. Food and drink quite reasonably priced too.