Shanghai Street, Melbourne, Australia

Shanghai Street is a small chain of restaurants in the Melbourne CBD specialising in dumplings and buns. Tonight we’d be eating at their Little Bourke Street restaurant.

We were lucky when we arrived around 7pm that there wasn’t the usual queue so we were given a seat straight away.

As the menus arrived we orderd the obligatory Tsing Taos.

As we’d been here before we had a pretty good idea of what we’d be ordering from the outset but we spent a couple of minutes checking for new dishes.

I’m a sucker for steamed BBQ pork buns so char siu bao was ordered along with a always good spring onion pancake with bacon. For dumplings we ordered dumplings in hot & sour soup. And finally some greens – choi sum with oyster sauce.

It turned out to be alot of food for two people but given the magnificent taste we managed to get through it.

The BBQ pork buns were some of the best I’ve ever had anywhere, and the hot and sour soup was great as well.

For a chaep, cheerful and quick meal you can’t go wrong visiting here.