Benchwarmer, North Melbourne, Australia

With Melbourne in stage 3 COVID-19 restrictions looking at stage 4 over the next couple of days I thought it would be an opportune time to introduce you to a great bar, now operating as a bottle shop that offers delivery to the local area, that opened at the wrong time.

Benchwarmer is just northwest of the city near the corner of Victoria and Errol Streets around half a dozen stops out of the city on the 57 tram.

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Benchwarmer opened just before COVID hit Melbourne and luckily the Victorian state government threw bars a lifeline alowing them to open as takeaway bottle shops, and to have delivery services, and this is how I was introduced to Benchwarmer by a mate.

What sets Benchwarmer apart from other nearby bars and bottle shops is the quality of the beers on offer. Have a look at the menu and then have a look at the ratings on untappd and you’ll see what I mean.

At this time we need to support local shops that offer exceptional products and services and if you like your beer then you should support Benchwarmer so they make it out the other end of this pandemic with a viable business.