Yakitori Daikichi Marunouchi, Toyama, Japan

My time in Toyama was drawing to a close and I wanted some yakitori (aka charcoal grilled meat on a stick) for my final meal.

I found Yakitori Daikichi Marunouchi quite close by to my hotel. I’d visited the chain before in Kyoto so I knew the meal would be good.

I walked in around 5:45 and it was just me and the chef! I didn’t care, there was meat and there was beer.

I ordered my first of 3 Suntory Malts while I perused the menu.

Over the next hour or so I was able to have around a dozen or so fairly decent yakitori, a mixture of chicken, pork and peppers, all cooked right in front of me.

For a chain restaurant the meal was quite good – very tasty and filling.

When I left about an hour later it was still just me and the chef.