Nomade MicroPub, Lyon, France

I’d arrived in Lyon early afteroon for my last stop in France for this trip and I’d searched out that my first drink would be at a micropub called Nomade.

Nomade MicroPub, Lyon, France

After getting lost on the way from my hotel to the pub I arrived around 5:30pm on a Friday evening to find only a handful of people here.

The beer selection is mostly their own brews with a couple of taps from other brewers.

The beers are good, very good.

I tried two of Nomade’s beers over an hour or so.

My first beer was a pint of L’Antinomist with a rich coffee flavour.

IMG 20190524 172156
IMG 20190524 172156 (May 24, 2019)

As the bar became busier I tried another. This time their Invalid Oatmeal Stout another beer with strong coffee flavour.

IMG 20190524 180643
IMG 20190524 180643 (May 24, 2019)

When I left the seating out the front of the bar was completly full – testament to the quality of the beers at Nomade MicroPub.