TAP x TAP, Kanda, Tokyo, Japan

After the 90 minute Shinkansen trip from Nagano I was now back in Tokyo for the final couple of days of my trip.

Before I’d flown to Japan I’d found an article talking about the craft beer scene that was popping up in Japan, and in Tokyo around the Kanda Station area.

True to form when I got off the train I headed for the wrong subway exit and ended up 500m metres from where I wanted to go (a feat I would repeat while tying to get back into the station a couple of hours later!)

My first stop was a small bar called TAP x TAP.

I was the first patron and had my pick of the seats, so I sat towards the back.

I chose a pint of the Belgian IPA at 7% and also some french fries as I hadn’t eaten for a while. The beer arrived very quickly, and the fries a couple of minutes later.

The beer was pretty good, especially in the heat, as were the chips.

Two more people wandered in around 5:30pm but the whole area seemed pretty quiet (it was a Monday night after all) with only a small number of people out and about.

But I’d found another beer cafe a little further south on my map, so I settled up the bill (¥1382), walked out the door and proceeded to get lost again 🙁