Craft Beer Market, Kanda, Tokyo, Japan

After TAP x TAP I proceeded to the Kanda outlet of the Craft Beer Market chain. Probably no further than 200m from TAP x TAP if you don’t get lost.

The Craft Beer Market had a much more extensive beer list (around 30 beers) than TAP x TAP and pints are more reasonably priced @ ¥780.

Sticking with the IPA theme I chose one of the half a dozen choices of IPAs for my first beer.

For my second beer I chose one of the summer season beers. Here is what it looked like.

IMG 20170821 181412
IMG 20170821 181412 (August 21, 2017)

I think it was plum flavored but no beer should be that colour!

They also serve food but I didn’t partake – I had other plans.