Torigen Kanda Higashiguchi, Tokyo, Japan

After a couple of beers at TAP x TAP and Craft Beer Market Kanda I headed off to find dinner with my phone in hand.

Torigen Kanda Higashiguchi, Tokyo, Japan

Around 50 metres from Craft Beer Market was Torigen which is a yakitori restaurant.

Walking in the door you head down the stairs to a large restaurant with private dining rooms as well as tables and the ubiquitous counter looking into the kitchen.

I was seated at the counter where I quickly ordered a beer (it had been all of 15 minutes since my last beer so I was parched 🙂 ) while they found an English menu for me.

Over the next hour I was treated to 15 sticks of very good, freshly grilled, yakitori that finished off a great evening in Kanda.

While the ambiance felt upscale the food was very well priced – I guess that’s what happens when you have a hundred restaurants per block!