Hokkaido, Sydney, Australia

On Loftus Street there is a Japanese restaurant. You have to enter by a dodgy door next to a convenience store, go down a flight of stairs enter the door that doesn’t quite close. The name of the previous tenant, a Chinese restaurant, is still visible if you look.

Hokkaido, Sydney, Australia

But the food at Hokkaido is pretty decent. My go to dish is the Chicken Katsu curry. Washed down with a Suntory Premiums Malts or 2.

The Torikatsu Curry is almost upto the standard that you’d expect in Japan. I was surprised.

Their gyoza and chicken karaage were reasonable but I just didn’t get that “wow” like I got with the Torikatsu Curry.

I did try the Ramen one time, but it didn’t capture my imagination like the ones I had in Kyoto and Nagano.

If you like Torikatsu Curry then this place is a definite.