Les BerThoM Fousseret Lyon, Lyon, France

After my long, and might I add superb, lunch at Le Cabaretier I went for a bit of a walk through old Lyon and eventually ended up at Place Ennemond Fousseret where there’s a bar called BerThoM. The same chain I drank at in Montpellier. Knowing the selection of beers would be good I headed on in.

I honestly thought I’d pop in for one beer and then continue exploring – that was not the case as BerThoM has a very, very good selection of beers so I was spoiled for choice and settled in.

My first beer was a Belgian Blonde called Maredsous 6° Blonde. It was a run of the mill sweet and strong blonde.

IMG 20190526 150959
IMG 20190526 150959 (May 26, 2019)

Next I tried a Bavarian Celebrator a very rich, dark, malty dopplebock – this was probably my favorite beer of the day.

IMG 20190526 155000
IMG 20190526 155000 (May 26, 2019)

Lastly I had a Belgian Trappist Pale Ale, Orval, a sweet, dry beer that I really enjoyed but came in as second choice today by a whisker.

IMG 20190526 164443
IMG 20190526 164443 (May 26, 2019)

After 3 pints I began the trek back to my hotel a little worse for wear but it was a nice, and sobering, walk to the tram.